Finding Your Purpose
Get Clarity on your Life Purpose

Finding Your Purpose. Your Life Purpose...

On this page I will introduce you to a great tool that will help you do just that. The way I see it is that when your life is on purpose, your sense of purpose guides your ambitions and goals, and it makes a huge difference.
It is like living a charmed life.

Most of us have such busy lives
and we don't make the time to stop and think.

"What is it that I am doing with my life?"
"Am I Happy?"
"What are the things in my life that give me satisfaction?"
"What are my dreams?"

And I could go on and on here, though I believe you get the picture.
It's about Finding Your Purpose. Your life purpose.
Most of us have this vague idea at the back of our mind that we first need money to make our dreams come true, and usually that's where it stops.
So most people live with this notion that money is a goal. We never really think that we actually need to feel satisfaction and fulfillment.
We are so caught up in this 'Rat Race' that we forget to truly live.
Now, I'm not saying that what you are doing is not important,
and I know that you really are busy.
I can hear in my mind some of you saying "Yes, but..." and there will be all sorts of 'buts' to do with your own personal circumstances,
to explain/justify why you can't... Well, as long as you are with me here,
I do encourage you to start thinking in the "How I Can" mode.
I promise, you will find it far more beneficial to every aspect of your life.
What I am actually saying here is that if you don't stop and think for a minute, you might wake up one day and find that there were so many things you wanted to do and didn't, there were so many dreams that you already forgot about, and time will always keep moving forward...
This is not to say that it's EVER too late, but just a kind reminder of a very important thing we should always remember, and even though I have mentioned it before, I can't stress it enough:

Now is the only time we have.
It's where everything begins.

Give yourself two days
and you WILL get clarity on
Finding Your Purpose. Your Life Purpose

A great tool I will share here with you to help you in finding your purpose, is a powerful seminar that I have had the privilege to attend (and I have attended quite a few seminars over the years, though this IS the most extraordinary one).
Since 1975, this seminar has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to gain more control in all areas of life.
This 2-day offering is based around the philosophy of achieving total wellness through balance in 5 key areas of our life
(and I have already talked about those before, in fact, my website is around this philosophy by which I live).
This is a first glimpse into the power of self and its ability to hold one back, as much as it can propel one forward in life.
It is all about you, where you are in your life and where you're heading, and about finding your purpose. Your life purpose.
It is interactive, and what makes this seminar different is that you come out of it with clarity on your life purpose. What makes it so special is that it is given by a company which, in its heart, is this great philosophy
(and as far as I am concerned this IS a company with a HEART).
The beauty of it, is that although it is given by this company and also heavily subsidized by it, it's really ALL ABOUT YOU.
I warmly encourage you to give it a go and promise you will not regret it.

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