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[Reclaim Your Life Nuggets] Inside of you...
June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013 | Issue #001 | Sign up for this ezine

Here you are - reading this - after you've listened to the free audio you've been gifted upon signing up for your own 'Reclaim Your Life Nuggets' subscription (and if you have not yet subscribed - you can use the link at the top of this issue, and get your own free audio gift).

This means it should be clear to you now that YOU are the most important person in your life!

Here, at the beginning of our 'Reclaim Your Life' journey together, it's vitally important that you recognize the magnificence of 'what lies inside of you'.

It may be new to you, and possibly feel a bit strange to think of yourself in these terms, and part of my mission on this journey of ours is to help you take this whole new perspective in. So the first nugget I'll share with you was composed by an unknown author, and there's no doubt it was especially designed to inspire you here and now.


In the entire world there is nobody like you. Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like you. Nobody has your smile. Nobody has your eyes, your nose, your hair, your hands, your voice. YOU’RE SPECIAL.

No one sees things just as you do. In all of time there has been no one who laughs like you, no one who cries like you. And what makes you laugh and cry will never provoke identical laughter and tears from anybody else.

You are the only one in God’s creation with your set of natural abilities. There will always be somebody who is better at one of the things you’re good at but no one in the universe can reach the quality of your combination of talents, ideas, natural abilities and spiritual abilities.

Through all of eternity no one will ever look, talk, walk, or do exactly like you. YOU’RE SPECIAL. You’re rare. And, as in all rarity, there is great value. Because of your great rare value you need not attempt to imitate others. You should accept and celebrate your differences. YOU’RE SPECIAL. Continue to realize it’s not an accident that YOU’RE SPECIAL. Continue to see that God created you special for a very special purpose. He called you out and ordained you to a calling that no one else can do as well as you. Out of all the billions of applicants, only one is qualified, only one has the best combination of what it takes. That one is you. That just as surely as every snow flake that falls has a perfect design and no two designs are the same, so no two people are the same.


So always remember this, and stay tuned for our next
Reclaim Your Life Nugget.

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