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[Reclaim Your Life Nuggets] Are you ready to release the judge?
July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013 | Issue #004 | Sign up for this ezine

Welcome to another issue of 'Reclaim Your Life Nuggets', where we hope you are up to date with the nuggets you've been given so far.
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So we talked about how special you are, encouraged you to trust yourself and showed you the power of NOW, essentially - reminding you of what you already know in your heart to be true.

Now, if you're truly serious about your intention to Reclaim Your Life, you'd recognize the power in those nuggets and aspire to remember them more and more, especially when challenged.

Is it challenging for you to know that "the only thing you really ever fight with is yourself"?

Do you realize that judgement is at the heart of this fight?

Judgement is embedded in our conditioning as human beings, and it's one of our biggest sources of challenges.
Judgement towards others, towards circumstances and things, and the biggest one - judgement towards ourselves.

Most of the time we don't even realize how judgement is embedded in our thoughts and perception, but if you stop for a moment and look to recognize where judgement is present in your life you'll see that it's everywhere.

It is something we use to form an opinion at the very basic level, and sometimes it's relatively harmless so we don't even notice it.

Here I'd like to draw your attention to the places where it is at the heart of your biggest challenges. Becoming aware of it could be of great help to you, because when you think about it - challenge manifests as stress, and we all know what stress can do to us.

So even if it's just in the name of saving your health - our aim here is to reduce the stress a challenge creates in you, and this is where becoming aware of our judgement can help.

So in a challenging situation in your life, stop for a moment and take a deep breath... Now think about the judgement in this situation...
Are you judging someone else? or perhaps you are judging yourself…?
(please note that feeling that you are the one being judged by another - is usually a form of self judgement - think about it…)

Now let's take it to another level...

  • Where does this judgement come from?
  • Can you absolutely justify this judgement?
  • Does it serve you in this challenge?
  • Is there possibly a way you could maybe see this from a different perspective, that might help you feel better about this situation?

The mere act of taking a breath and honestly thinking of the answers to these questions can make a world of difference, and break a pattern of 'automatic' behavior that does not serve us anymore.

And remember what we've already mentioned to you on our last nugget. Whatever happened is in the past and already done, but now and every moment of every day holds in it a magnificent power - the power to change - whatever it is you wish to change from now on, and this power is in fact never ending because there always is a 'fresh' new NOW.

Stay tuned for our next Reclaim Your Life Nugget.

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