A Social Philosophy to achieve World Health with Humanity Unites Brilliance

This social philosophy to achieve world health is what HUB -
Humanity Unites Brilliance is about.

When studying the Universal Laws I started exploring ways of giving.
Just like Gratitude, effective giving is done on a regular basis. It's about entering a 'giving frame of mind' if you will. There are many different forms of giving. For example, I see this website as a form of giving. I am sharing what I have come to know is true and right with anyone who wishes to grow their awareness. If that would inspire a change in one person's life,
it would be my humble contribution to our world. It is part of my way of living on purpose. But let's get back to this social philosophy to achieve world health and impact humanity.
Let's explore something that you most likely already know of.
The 'well established' social philosophy of charity donations each of us can choose to make with the intention to contribute to world health.
Let me tell you about a documentary film that explores why the charity given to Africa over the last five decades has been largely ineffective and often harmful. In fact, I will simply give you the trailer here

This film was only brought to my attention recently, and I have decided to share it here with you so that you are also aware of it.
It also supports what I am about to tell you, in hope to inspire you to join me.

Would you like to live a more meaningful and purposeful life?

Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) is a great idea, that enables you to provide life changing and very real impact to the world AND achieve personal and financial growth.
I have learned about this amazing idea, just before HUB actually launched last year, through a friend that lives in the US. I immediately knew I wanted to be part of it and was very fortunate to join and become a HUB Arc Angel, and I am in New Zealand.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Lao Tzu

This is what HUB is about. And there is a lot more to HUB than this.
I will share one of HUB's videos here that will give you a better idea.

Isn't this truly brilliant?
Giving to the world in THE most effective way, while at the same time - receiving your own help and support through the HUB network of brilliant people, AND being financially rewarded for inspiring more people to do the same. Humanity Unites Brilliance is where we connect to change our world. If you want to know more about what HUB offers its members and explore the possibility of joining me and the HUB family, click here.


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