Whole Foods
The Ideal Healthy Eating Solution

You might be saying
"Healthy eating - I know. Whole Foods - what does it mean...?"

Our body needs adequate supply of quality nutrition - this is common knowledge today. It suggests that we all probably know it, however, how many of us actually do something about it?
Progress in our world makes so many 'temptations' easily available to us. Many of which, we understand, are 'not very good' for our body.
Yet, we still eat/drink those and prefer to ignore what we know.
After all - it takes a lot of effort and will power to change our eating habits and in many cases - the 'healthy eating' alternatives are not so tempting.
Some of you may be taking different vitamin pills to try and make up for poor nutrition, it's probably the most common solution. However, how do you know which ones your body currently needs, how much, and is it really a substitute to the real thing?
Just recently I heard of a research suggesting that a lot of people are actually overdosing on those pills, and the harm outweighs the benefit hoped to be achieved. I say all this with a lot of sympathy and understanding. I am also a product of progress, and have these same challenges. I even got myself a B.Sc. in Nutrition, just to learn that there are so many theories out there about healthy eating, and they keep changing, following more and more research...
Come on, let's face it, no matter how much we know -
there is always so much more that we don't know...
So this is not just another page trying to teach you about this vitamin or that mineral. This new diet or that magic recipe. The whole world is inundated with this kind of information.
Yes - there is no question about it - what we eat is the fuel our body gets to work with.

The reason I am sharing all this with you is - I believe I found the perfect healthy eating solution. One that does not necessarily involve the need to change your eating habits, yet supplies your body with all the essential nutrients.
My experience shows Whole Foods as the ideal 'healthy eating' solution, and there is definitely a good range of Whole Foods products in the market today.

Whole Foods Explained

Whole food nutrition is a natural approach to supplementation that uses the entire food rather than isolated nutrients. Whole Foods contain an abundance of plant-based nutrients - the active combination that give plants their colour, flavour AND disease resistance.
When consumed in their natural form, those nutrients provide an amazing variety of health promoting and healing benefits to the human body.
These benefits include powerful antioxidant activity, immune support, antibacterial/viral activity, and anti-cancer properties.

Naturally there are challenges in receiving the benefits of whole foods directly from Mother Nature. Challenges to do with quantities of fruits and veges needed to provide a small percentage of those nutrients, practical availability of those fruits and veges and poor nutritional quality in nutritionally depleted soil.
So even for those of you who believe they maintain healthy eating,
is it really sufficiently healthy?

My indication that I found the perfect solution is my 2 teenage kids.
Teenagers today will only do things of their own free will if they know and feel the benefit. Both my kids have their natural wholefood product regularly, and not because it is so appealing but because they
actually feel the benefit.
I can give you a 'before and after' on my daughter
that was mind blowing for me.
Before - she was always so tired. Tired when she woke up in the morning, tired at school, after school - the whole day. My daughter's food preferences are probably typical to most teenagers. A lot of the sweet stuff and the fried stuff and just a little of what is considered nutritious.
A friend once said that she has a separate stomach for each...
Believe me, it was not easy to persuade her to give my wholefood a try, so I had to 'bargain' on a trial period, and as they say, 'the rest is history'. After - my daughter is unrecognizable, full of life and energy, no more complaints of being tired all the time. The trial has become permanent and it's a very important part of my daughter's nutrition, alongside all the sweet and fried stuff. This particular wholefood product is absolutely true to its name and could keep you alive and well, even if you didn’t eat anything else. So even though her nutrition is far from ideal, wholefood makes the difference, and trust me, it's much easier for most people to swallow, than a change of diet altogether.

I do encourage you to go ahead, do your own research and make a decision to do something about giving the best to your body.
Now that you know healthy eating does not have to involve major changes in your everyday habits, and could change the quality of your life forever,
there is really no excuse.
Believe me, once you feel the difference you will never want to go back.

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