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It is human nature that drives us to want to know more about the person who's materiel we choose to read.     For some people it's even a pre-requisite in order to decide whether they even wish to read more.

"Now is the only time we have and it's where everything begins, so always make this moment count in the discovery adventure that is YOUR life"

Shirly is on a mission to create a movement of positive change in this world. 

Reclaim Your Life is the first tool she used to share some of the key lessons that changed her life from practically being 'invisible' and unaware of it, to an exciting discovery adventure.

Her life loving approach, combined with her tendency to always get to the bottom of things when facing any challenge, has carried her through some tough challenges both in the health and the relationships areas of life.

Her outstanding success in facing those challenges, made her aware that ultimately - relationships is what our life is made of, and so healthy relationships became her passion.

She realized that what she's done to achieve this success can be taught to others, and that's when her highly appraised guidebook "It's a Wonderful Life" about discovering the freedom of healthy relationships was born.

Shirly is now fiercely committed to guiding people who are ready for change, into clarity when it comes to parenting and all other meaningful relationships in their lives, through knowing how to harness the power we all possess, to achieve profound transformation with each and every one of the people around us.

As a result of her mission and commitment for people to achieve remarkable success and transformation, Shirly created a highly effective blueprint based on her book, and has teamed up with her master coach friend and turned it into a small group mentoring program, that allows personal guidance to all participants.

Here's some of what people say:

"I’ll say it like it is. I wish I would have had Shirly’s book 20 years ago. No, 30 years ago. Heck through my whole life."

"Shirly has a mindset I so appreciate. "Let’s get to the root cause here, shall we?” I’m sure most of us realize that it begins with us. But how exactly can be the challenge."

"Shirly reveals this with such accuracy and candidness it left me feeling exposed… and yet empowered… because I can finally better know why I feel the way I do about frustrating relationships and most importantly, what I can do about it in a very constructive healthy way.

And I’ll admit. I even thought I had a fairly high leg up in this department.

But after Shirly’s book I can see there’s much more progress that can be made.
And with clear ways to accomplish it.

It feels so good just knowing that it’s much more doable. The method of application is clearly laid out. No weird psycho babble that leaves you grasping. Just down to earth believable and practical information."

And Shirly says...

"My amazing kids inspire me every day to keep learning and being more :)"

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