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by Ina

What a cool topic Shirly!!

Yes, no matter how much I watch myself, there are always things that get accumulated around me...things from my travels, things that match my decor, pretty things, things that may come handy one day...and then when I need the last ones they are not even handy (but hiding - rather well I must say!!!!)...

Having stuff around gives some kind of security, makes the place bare ones signature, ones interests, ones memories...

As in all things "life" one must watch it, tidy it, so if its needed to be handy is handy and not buried away serving as a moth feeder, a rat or cockroach nest, a dust mite collector....affecting our well-being in a very real but unseen to us way...till it is too l8!

going to sort my clothes now necklaces so I see them better and honor their purpose in life ;)

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Mar 19, 2011
Makes you think...
by: Anonymous

If having stuff around creates a sense of security, it would be wise to stop and think why it is so...

What is the meaning of this stuff to me and why...?

Do I really need stuff to feel secure???

Most of the time it's not what I do, but I think it's what I should start doing...

It's what we all should...

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