Heal The World - Yes, We Can
Compassion could be a good first step

"Heal the World" is not just a famous compassion song.
It's not just a slogan. It's something we must know and believe we can do.

Individuals are the essence of society. Each and every one of us have the power to take charge of our life, as we have already established on this website (if you haven't yet looked at the rest of this site you are certainly encouraged to, so that we are all on the same page here...)
Let's start where we are now and see how much difference one individual could make. Watch this inspiring video that's very appropriate here.

So... What do you think...?
Right now, after watching this video, would be a good time to sit back for a minute and reflect on what you have just seen.
Imagine how YOU could change your perception and your life, and then - inspire others to do the same.
You see, to heal the world, you can start small.
"The longest journey starts with a first step".

Just a little compassion can make a HUGE difference.
Never underestimate your contribution to the collective.
Remember the Universal Laws. This video is a "validation" for the benefits of living in harmony with these Laws.

This page is an integral part of this website and is in the natural flow of things, assuming you are in the process of applying what you are learning here, in your life.
Let's recap on the main things to remember in this natural flow.

YOU are the most important person in your life. You are responsible for yourself only. Therefore, you are free to choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances.
We have already talked about the power and freedom in responsibility
On the healthy relationship subject we have established that since we have control over no one but ourselves, we should never attempt to impose change on anybody.

This brings us to an important message to be delivered on this page.
As individuals who are part of our society, we are first and foremost responsible for our own contribution to the collective. Our effect on other individuals in the collective can come through inspiring. For us to be inspiring to others...

“We must become the change we want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

In order to become that change, our first responsibility is to do all that we can to learn and grow our own awareness. It is vital that you understand YOU are the starting point of everything. Yes, we have also established that at any minute of every day you have the power to change.
This change is YOURS. Your own change.

A frequent misconception is examining the outside without looking within.
We can see everybody else's mistakes and we have plenty of advice to others. However, we must always remember the only difference we can make comes from within.
To heal the world, your primary responsibility is to heal your own life first. 

You must give compassion to yourself so you can have enough compassion to give others too. 
To be in a position to make a positive impact on our society, your starting point should be strong. This website gives you tools and insights to strengthen any part of your life that needs strengthening, and doing that puts you in a strong starting position to heal the world. 

“Unless and until we have peace deep within us, we can never hope to have peace in the outer world.
You and I create the world by the vibrations that we offer to it. If we can invoke peace and then offer it to somebody else, we will see how peace expands from one to two persons, and gradually to the world at large. Peace will come about in the world from the perfection of individuals. If you have peace, I have peace, he has peace, and she has peace, then automatically universal peace will dawn.”

Sri Chinmoy

Now, that you are in the process of making your biggest contribution to heal the world with growing your awareness we can go a bit further...

And for more inspiration and tools check out Our Gifts to You page through the site menu, where you'll also get access to our powerful Reclaim Your Life Nuggets.

You should already be familiar with the Universal Laws and hopefully learning to live in harmony with them.
When you read the page about these Laws there's a book mentioned. A book that would expand your understanding of the laws and teach you about other important laws.

                                                Raymond Holliwell's book 'WORKING WITH THE LAW'

"Everyone is governed by the Law, whether he knows it or not. ... The Universal Mind has definite intentions... for the universal good; therefore our intention must take the same direction, knowing that whatever works for the universal good will work for the individual good, for the individual's health and happiness, on this same principle. The principle, that which blesses the whole, will bless all its parts. When our intention becomes reconciled or cooperative with the Universal intention, then we become an expression of that good. This is working with the Law."

This book is full of wisdom and should be thoroughly studied in order to be fully understood and internalized. 
However, lets remember that we are talking here about compassion and how we can contribute to heal the world. And the Law that goes hand in hand with compassion is 'The Law of Receiving' (Chapter 5 in the book).

It also holds an important key to our heal the world idea. Of course this is not the time or place to go deeper into understanding this law, and the best way to go about it is reading the book directly, and you are certainly encouraged to do so when you can.  For the purpose of our 'compassion lesson', here's the poem that is at the end of this chapter and basically gives its message:


To get he had tried,
yet his store was still meager. 
To a wise man he cried,
in a voice keen and eager;
"Pray tell me how I may successfully live?"
And the wise man replied,
"To get you must give."

As to giving he said, 
"What have I to give?"
I've scarce enough bread,
and of course one must live;
But I would partake of Life's bountiful store.
Came the wise man's response;
"Then you must give more."

The lesson he learned: to get was forgotten,
Toward mankind he turned
with a love new begotten.
As he gave of himself in unselfish living,
Then joy crowned his days,
for he grew rich in giving.

Arthur William Beer

This poem is great inspiration right?
It beautifully demonstrates how giving with intention, which is basically what compassion is about, is a wonderful way of working with the law to heal the world.

There are many forms of giving and you should choose the one that feels right for you. If you want your contribution to heal the world to be effective, there must be genuine compassion behind it.

The understanding that giving is the essential part of 'The Law of Receiving' could be making a big difference to some of you. If this is the case for you, do go and study this book. It's a great tool to help you grow your awareness.

To end our compassion to heal the world page, here's another quote of Sri Chinmoy, the spiritual teacher who dedicated his life in the service of humanity:

"My life is only half full
When I receive.
My heart is completely full
Only when I give."

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