A healthy relationship with the people
who are most important to YOU

Yes, you have the key to healthy relationships with your loved ones, and that's a fact!  
If you are unsure about how to use it - we're here to help make it all clear to you  

Having healthy relationships with the people around you - there's a good reason why this is the first pillar to look at on your journey to Reclaim Your Life.

In his book ‘First Things First’  Stephen Covey is asking people to think about what they've decided are 
first things in their life, and looks into how many of those things involve relationship with other people.

"It’s our experience that, almost without exception, everything people identify as really important has to do with others. Even those who list something such as 'health' or 'economic security' generally do so because they want to have the resources to enjoy life with their family and friends. 
Our greatest joy – and our greatest pain – comes in our relationships with others."
~ Covey

So if you stop for a minute and really think about it you'll see how having healthy relationships with the people in your life is vital to your happiness and sense of fulfillment, and is a big important part of your life, and so - achieving it - would be a major contribution to your healthy lifestyle ;).

You see, this is something no one ever teaches us how to approach, and so many of us make so many mistakes that leave us feeling frustrated and helpless, when it comes to our relationships.

Yet, there's a lot you can easily change by simply becoming more aware, so many challenges you can practically resolve by just turning the light on where it was dark before.

Here at Reclaim Your Life we like to simplify things, and the first thing to simplify is the fact that all the relationships in your life are based on very same principles, and there's no need for a different approach or a different set of solutions for healing each of them separately.

The traditional approach would send you for counseling when challenged with your life partner, however
if the challenge is with your kids - there's a big field of Parenting available which is usually also divided to specialize in the different kids ages (babies, toddlers, teens etc.), and we won't go into your other relationships - you probably get the point.

This distinction between our different relationships creates a popular 'symptomatic treatment' type of approach to all our relationships challenges, and here at Reclaim Your Life we believe that looking into the
root cause of a challenge is the most effective way to achieve all-encompassing, long lasting solutions that leave you assured and empowered.

So yes, you CAN achieve healthy relationships with anybody and everybody in your life - if you so wish, and here at Reclaim Your Life we have discovered how simple and doable it is.

And did we mention how important having our relationships healthy with the people around us IS for our overall wellbeing, and may even be in the way of our achieving a truly healthy lifestyle ? ? ?

Now think for a minute - what do all the relationships in your life have in common?

The answer to this question is also what's at the heart of simplifying the whole approach to healing your relationships, and equipping you with all you need in order for you to have healthy relationships for life.

You see - YOU are the one thing all your relationships have in common, and although there's a diversity of different relationships around you, and although you may only feel challenged with just one or two of them at the moment (and of course there's always the possibility that you have no challenges with any of the people in your life at all...) - a challenge is first and foremost an experience, and we're looking into your 
own personal experience
 of your own personal challenge, because in reality - that's really all that matters.

So to make sure you get the idea clearly - whether your current challenge is with your baby, your teenager, your parent or your life partner - the simplest and most effective solution's approach does not distinguish between the different nature of those different relationships. This solution is designed to be a long lasting one, and also it is very empowering, and did we mention it will also equip you with all you need to have healthy relationships for life?

This page is first and foremost aimed to bring your awareness to comprehend fully the importance of this pillar of healthy family and relationships in your life, and it is our sincere hope that this aim has been achieved.

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Thank you 

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