Introducing some Money Making Ideas
for Financial Independence and Financial Freedom

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The main purpose of this page is sharing some money making ideas that you may choose to apply on your journey to financial independence and financial freedom.

You are guaranteed to find something here that you can easily start applying right now, so open your mind and read on, because everything that you are about to get here is very important.

Before we start, let's first confirm that you have read the preceding Healthy Finances page.
It gives you the critical, not to miss secret you simply must know, if you really wish to achieve financial independence and financial freedom.

So if you haven't already, please click here to read it, take action on it and come back to this page when you are ready for it, because chances are that all the money making ideas in the world will be worthless for you without actually 'getting' that 'secret'.

Now, before we start sharing our money making ideas, there's one more very important thing to share here.

You may already be familiar with the wonderful Earl Nightingale and his recording of 'The Strangest Secret in the World', and for those of you who are not - familiarizing you with it is essential.

This is a vital piece of wisdom that would make it easier for you to get into the right mindset for the purposes of finding your financial independence, and ultimately - your financial freedom.

For the next 10 minutes, I invite you to just sit back, relax and enjoy...

Now, this was just part of 'The Strangest Secret', however, this should be enough to give you the essence of it including some perspective, and to lead us to the first of our money making ideas, which isn't so 'revolutionary', because this is something that really anyone can easily do...

Statistically, the starting point for most people is their job, so if your current comfort zone is your job (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it), this idea will not really 'kick' you out of there, or possibly just a little bit by asking you to expand your thinking...

The idea is, in Earl's words "save at least 10% of every dollar you earn". It's very well explained on 'The Richest Man In Babylon' with a clear message to start with paying yourself FIRST (a portion that is no less than one-tenth of your income) followed by making your money work for you.

Consider yourself warmly encouraged to go ahead and read this small powerful book to fully understand how and why it works. Reading 'The Richest Man in Babylon' will clarify some very important financial principles that could lead you to "gratifying financial progress", and ultimately, financial independence, and financial freedom.

There's a more modern version of this principle nicely taught by David Bach. You may even relate to it better
as Bach literally outlines everything clearly, and shows you how simple and doable all of it actually is. His book 'The Automatic Millionaire' would be a good place to start on learning how to go ahead - using this principle for yourself.

So now you've become aware of something you can start doing right away, that could make a huge difference in your life by allowing you to get closer and closer to your financial independence and financial freedom. Something that clearly has been taught by successful people since ancient times, where the only reason it may not work for you would be you not actually applying it...

We purposely started with something that only requires a small step out of your comfort zone, and taking this step shouldn't be too hard to implement because it actually does make a lot of sense.

We keep talking about financial independence and financial freedom, so let's make sure we are clear about the meaning. After all, having a job and being able to support yourself, doesn't yet make you completely financially independent, for the simple reason that you are depending on your job,
or to be more accurate here - your boss - to keep you in this job...

As for financial freedom... well... as long as your financial circumstances are determined by your time being exchanged for money - you are not entirely financially free.

Financial freedom is achieved when you have your money working for you, or you have created a different kind of leverage that creates income that is not derived directly from your hours of work.
So in essence, financial freedom also allows you time freedom.

Fortunately today, we live in a world that allows us access to unlimited resources, with the push of a button, and on the money making ideas subject, which is our focus here - we literally have unlimited possibilities.

So from this moment on - allow your mind to soar and your imagination to go wild, knowing that you CAN if you really wanted. Get into the mindset of 'how I can', and let go any thoughts of 'why I can't', especially when you come across something that excites you. Because from now on, our money making ideas will probably take you to a realm which is possibly (and in fact very likely...) beyond your comfort zone.

The following money making ideas, will show you how the whole world is at your fingertips, and will bring your awareness to different tools you can choose, that could serve you on your way to financial independence and ultimately - financial freedom.

Money Making Ideas

In today's reality, a job situation is not necessarily as 'secure' as it used to be, and many of you are probably looking for either something to supplement a job or a substitute. Remember it's financial independence and financial freedom we're after, so leverage is the key here.

The money making ideas I'm about to share, definitely fall into this category. They can be applied either full time or part time, they both involve mostly working from home and they are absolutely in line with the spirit of my website which is, if you have not figured it out by now, encourage your personal development and growth, and inspire you to live purposeful fulfilling life.

So the second of my money making ideas is what I am actually doing right now - writing my own website. Having no idea I could write all those things that are in here, and absolutely no previous knowledge of site building or HTML, I ended up creating this website all by myself thanks to this amazing tool I've discovered.

You see, I do have passion to share what I have experienced and learned, to inspire others who face challenges in life and offer some direction. Solo Build It (SBI) is what made this possible for me, and with all its other wonderful benefits, financial independence, and creating leverage towards financial freedom is also one.

There is no doubt in my mind that YOU have something you are either very good at or truly passionate about (and it's very possible they may even be one and the same...). Solo Build It is a great tool to serve you, because it teaches you how to turn this 'something' into a very valuable website to reach out and share with the whole world. It takes you step by step, at your own pace, and teaches you all you need to know to make it work, and become a source of income for you.

No previous knowledge of any kind is required to succeed. Just unleash the creativity within you, and we ALL have it! Learn to trust yourself.

"All that you need to achieve
All that you desire
Is already INSIDE OF YOU"

SBI is a very small investment that gives you great leverage alongside an exciting discovery journey of unleashing the genius within you. Click here if you would like to know more, or even try it completely
risk-free - as they offer you a true Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee. Also know that this is good for ANY kind of business, with or without an existing website, that could do with some marketing upgrade.

{If you do have an existing business and don't really have the time to spend on building/improving your website, Solo Build It have a service that will do it for you - click here for more details}.

Practically ANYONE can use this tool to create income, and that includes teenage kids (and there is a great example for that on their page), and even retired people.

And if you are a mum/dad looking for a great flexible way to work from home, I've created a page explaining how you can do this, giving you access to a FREE Masters Course - 'A Work-at-Home Mother's Guide to Successfully Building a Real Business on the Net'. Click here.

Now, SBI is just one option that I chose to use - you can choose any other tool for yourself, it's all about the idea of actually doing this. Yes, you have to do some initial work, however, this is great productive fun type of work with amazing rewards beyond you could ever imagine. Prepare to be surprised with the harvest you reap... And it could also be a great source of income that is a big step towards your Financial Freedom.

And if you are someone who would like to go all the way, who are determined to get the absolute best from within, and are willing to fully explore money making ideas outside of your comfort zone...

The last of my money making ideas that is absolutely within your grasp, and will serve you on your way to financial independence and financial freedom, is... the powerful tool of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) aka Network Marketing, and because I suspect that out of the money making ideas we discussed so far, this one is a bit 'loaded', I've dedicated a page to this subject, and it's all in the spirit of this website - click here for it.

Some of the most successful people in this world have endorsed this industry, and I am humbled to give
'my 2 cents' on this subject. There's no doubt that this can be the ultimate tool to achieving financial independence, and ultimately financial freedom - through leverage.

It's also the ultimate tool to learn about yourself and help you with your personal development as far as you will let it take you, and to me - this is by far its greatest value ☺

For those of you who are skeptics - with twenty first century's marketing possibilities, having access to the World Wide Web makes a huge difference. Click here to learn more.

Now we've come to the fun part where I invite you to share your own ideas, from the perspective of
adding value to everyone.

Share Your Valuable Information
Contribute Your Own Money Making Ideas

If you have a great money making idea to add and share with the world, please do so.

Let us make the world a better place by helping people see.
See that they not only CAN, but it is of 'supreme importance'
to take ACTION and move FORWARD towards SUCCESS ☺

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