Healthy Sleep and the Science of Sleep

What exactly is 'Healthy Sleep'? Did you know there is a Science of Sleep?

We all spend about a third of our life sleeping.
Many people think of sleep as a waste of time, especially in the fast pace life that progress brings. If you could get by with less sleep, and a lot of people proudly declare they do, you would probably try and minimize the time you 'spend' on sleep. The trend in our modern society seems to be 'The less sleep you can get away with, the better'.
However, Scientists are discovering that sleep is far more critical to human health than previously believed, and have linked sleep deprivation to serious problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. According to them, it's most important to get your seven and a half to eight hours of sleep every day. Basic biology will eventually 'catch up' with anyone who attempts to get away with any less.
Last year, CBS's '60 Minutes' broadcasted 'The Science Of Sleep'.
A 2 part report exploring the latest findings in sleep research.

Now that you know more about The Science of Sleep, the important message I am hoping you are starting to get is that sleep is the foundation of your Good Health.
Healthy Sleep is really CRITICAL to our wellness and well being.
If you are unwell, making sure you are getting a good quality night sleep should be your first step to help yourself.
After all, a good night sleep gives our body the chance to recover and repair itself, as nature intended for it.

Are you getting a good quality sleep every night?

Some of you will be immediately aware you do not get a good night sleep.
For others the answer might not be so clear.
After all, most of us are asleep at night...
The way you feel and act during the day could give you a clue on the quality of your sleep, i.e. - Do you experience daytime sleepiness?
Does it sometimes interfere with your daytime activity?
Miss out on enough quality sleep, and it becomes more difficult to concentrate and to perform these activities.
In so many cases you simply believe that this is the way you are.
When you experience the difference in your daytime performance after
a few nights of quality sleep - you'd never want to settle for any less.
Some of you would already be on pills and might say
'It works for me, thank you very much!'...
I will only remind you that this is a harsh chemical interference with your body's natural mechanisms and is not a healthy long term solution.
Just recently there was a celebrity's case in the news which demonstrates an extreme possible consequence of excessive use of those
sleeping drugs.

Personally, I believe we should all make sure we get Healthy Sleep
every night, the natural way.
I believe I have found the perfect solution available today to do just that.
If you'd like to find out how to make sure you are getting the quality healthy sleep that you need every night, please use this link to Contact Us

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