So true. Here is my story

by Judith

Unbelievable how things have no use in our lives and yet we accumulate. First time it hit me was when my mother passed away and my sister and I had to sort out her apartment.
Lifetime of a loved one we had to throw away or give.
It was very painful moment.
Then I realized that when my time comes all the things I had accumulated in my life will not bring benefit to anyone and will be thrown away. Ever since I have been trying to get rid of things I have no use.
Of course there are emotional things that I keep, but this is the way of the world.

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Mar 24, 2011
by: Ina

Yes, i had the same experience when my mum passed away...we had to clear things out of her home...she did not have much stuff at all but one can still see that now we had to donate most of it to charity as there was not enough space at anyone's home for most of it...

I feel we needs to be disciplined enough to go trough our stuff once a year at least (makes it hard if you have a large house :)!) and try leave things in order in case we are not there...that would include a Will of course and a life insurance...

It is however I feel inevitable that people will find most of our stuff left over worthless however precious it may be to us...but, we have to live life the way we like it, have the things that make it easier and more enjoyable and more beautiful within our means and in moderation :)

I feel, we just have to be honest with ourselves, take an account of our life in general as often as we can (more often than we want!), and that that's all there is too recipe for success :)

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