Parenting teens
Understand your teen behaviour and
learn of ways to deal with some challenges

Parenting teens is quite a challenging task.
Here you will find how your teen behaviour could be a great 'tool' to gain some insights.
I am assuming you have read my page about a healthy relationship and possibly my parenting advice which outlines some basics.
However, you could probably use some more specifics in order to fully understand how to apply it all with your own teens.
You are most likely reading this because you are currently parenting teens yourself. I am, and I can tell you that this challenge was quite distressing for me, especially after becoming a single mum. Then I learned what I will share here. Understanding your teen behaviour is an important part of this relationship. It is probably also the easier part.
After all, you were a teen yourself (and this is not an assumption...).
Yes, times were different, possibly your own circumstances were also different, however, our human nature is universal.
The teen age is an age of lots of changes that are quite confusing.
Different kids handle these changes differently, according to their special personality, their surrounding culture AND their relationship with their parents. Yes, having a healthy relationship with your teen is one of the most important contributing factors to your teen behaviour.
Here I will talk about parenting teens and the power you possess.

First, I would like to assure you that regardless of the current challenges you are experiencing with your teen, applying what I am about to share will make a big difference in your life.
Now comes another assumption, that you have been looking at my website prior to reading this page and you understand the importance of keeping an open mind. On this page it might be a bit more of a challenge since we all tend to try and justify ourselves and explain why we are right and they are not... Well, this is not about who is right... This is about being really honest with yourself, here in the NOW, which makes it a bit easier to release our ego, and open a channel of communication.
Yes, we are the 'responsible adult' here, however, this does not make us always right. So in the spirit of my website I would like to bring your awareness to some very important things. The first one being my responsibility page, which is key to every aspect of our life. On this page you can also read about my experience with my own private teenage son. This on its own can give you some insight into what you could achieve.
Responsibility as a way of life is very powerful, and the more you apply it the more it becomes your way of life.
I am still raising 2 teenagers, and I am grateful for it. It provides me with the best tool possible to grow my own awareness. Parenting teens and teen behaviour will always be challenging, however, it is our perception of this challenge that makes the difference. Challenges are ALWAYS an opportunity to grow.
The practical approach I will advise you here is to understand that your challenges with your teenagers serve as mirrors into your unconscious mind. Whenever they 'push a button', do try and find the source for your feelings. Being absolutely honest with yourself is the key to your success. Becoming aware of some of the paradigms that control your reactions and really letting them go, creates an amazing shift in your awareness.
Your teen will unconsciously respond to this shift and the whole dynamics of your relationships will change forever.
It's about what you ARE and NOT about what you say.

Once you fully understand this part of your relationships, it's also important when parenting teens to look at teen behaviour from our teen's perspective.
Know their confusion, accept their arrogance and always be there for them, especially when they make mistakes.
Remember they are not little kids anymore. Teach them every aspect of responsibility and give it to them when appropriate. Remember you were once a teenager and you can only expect your own teenager to be as good as you were yourself. Be fair and understand that just like with you as a teenager, trying to control them doesn't work anymore. Listen to them and work out solutions together.
It is most important for good communication.
When it's not fatal, allow them to make their own mistakes.
It's the best way to learn, and better if they make it when you are still there to support them in this life lesson.
I hope all this makes you better understand parenting teens and your own affect on your teen behaviour.
If anything is unclear to you or if you have any question, please use the Contact Us form.

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