This Wellness Assessment
is a good, easy way
to assess your current scene

There are 5 KEY AREAS of our life to look at when we want to do our wellness assessment, to assess our overall wellbeing:
Our BODY (physical wellness is an integral part of our life),
MIND (‘emotional wellness’ and the power of ‘mind body spirit’),
FAMILY (a sense of caring and being cared for by our loved ones),
FINANCES (our financial security is very much connected to our personal empowerment) and SOCIETY (a position to make a positive impact on our society).

This is based on a great philosophy embraced by many.

Do Your Own Assessment!

Give a percentage score to each of those 5 key elements in your own life (for example, is your body 100% healthy? 80%? 30%?, do the same with each of the other 5).
Give it some thought and be honest with yourself.

Balance is achieved when all 5 are around the same point on the scale.
Did you get that perfect balance…?
Relax, most people will not, and it is absolutely ok.
This is the reason for this website.
This site is aimed to help you become more aware of where you are and where you wish to be, and show possible ways you could choose to better your standing in each and every one of those key areas in your life.
However, If you are an 'action now!' type of person and would like to learn about a different, brilliant way to approach the first step of reclaiming your life, click on this Finding Your Purpose link.

“No matter how well we are doing, we can always do better
and that is a good philosophy to live by!

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