What is MLM, or what is
Multi Level Marketing?
The controversy and some solutions

What is MLM? or what is Multi Level Marketing?

You may know the answer to this, you may also THINK you know. Here we will clarify some controversy and some misconceptions, and show you how twenty first century marketing possibilities make a world of difference.

So for those of you who truly have no idea what is MLM, what is Multi Level Marketing indeed...?

All it is, is a Marketing System. Today this marketing system defines an industry. Different companies with different kinds of products who use this marketing system, are all part of the 'Network Marketing' or 'Multi Level Marketing' industry.

The main principle this system is based on is leverage, and we have already explained on our Money Making Ideas page, that creating leverage is key to achieving financial freedom.

This industry gives anyone the same opportunity and offers the same amount of earnings.
The people who distribute the Multi Level Marketing company's products, are not employed by it. Each of them is an independent distributor in charge of their own business.

Now, that we have more clarity on what is MLM or what is Multi Level Marketing, I'd like to share with you an animated short video that outlines some of the misconceptions about this industry in a humoristic way, so I hope you enjoy this one :)

There is something very important to note when it comes to this industry. Something wonderful, that is the unofficial part of Multi Level Marketing, yet in every way IT IS a significant added value.

The Network Marketing vehicle is a great one to help you take charge of your life and your success, and not just your 'financial success'. Your personal growth rewards in this business, exceed the financial rewards by a long shot, and that's a fact.

Now, to be fair, you should know that not everyone reach their desired financial success in this business -
in many ways this business reflects the amount of effort and growth one puts into it, so lack of financial success does not reflect on the business model, though you'll do well to remember that there are many faces to success, so never underestimate the value of the personal growth that's involved here.

You may have read and learned about the freedom that responsibility brings and how empowering it can be (and if you haven't - please click here and read it...). When you own a Network Marketing distributorship, because this business is all yours, you are totally free to make it what you will, and as you do your absolute best - the rewards can, in reality, be unlimited.

There's probably no need to go into details with comparing any job you may currently be employed in.
You can imagine it for yourself. And talk about freedom...
There is nothing else that could give you such leverage, in such a fair and ethical way.

There's another short interesting video I'd like to share here with you...

I've mentioned in the beginning that I'll show you how twenty first century marketing possibilities make a world of difference. They make a world of difference because they add wonderful possibilities to an industry that is often perceived as challenging in terms of achieving real success.

Let me share with you a couple of great FREE resources that will explain it all, and reveal a whole new world of possibilities for you.

Reading this Free Network Marketing Report, written by my mentor Ann Sieg, led to a series of events that changed my life forever (click on the book image for access).

Later on, Ann has released a second, invaluable free resource - Attraction Marketer's Manifesto (and you can also click on the image below to get access to it).

Both are highly important and they are yours free, so I warmly encourage you to click on those links and get them :). What have you got to lose?

I guarantee you, they are worth your time and you won't regret it... !

What is MLM, or what is Multi Level Marketing should be more than clear to you now. You also got a lot more valuable information that gives solutions to any unresolved issues that may be on your mind when it comes to this subject. So go ahead, TAKE ACTION and Reclaim Your Life !

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