Who else finds it hard to let go of their clothes?

It's amazing, one day I realized that my wardrobe is so full of clothes and that there are clothes there that I have had since my teenage years (and that happened when I was in my 30's!). There was no room left for any new stuff, and a lot of what was there, I didn't even wear.
Although I knew that so many of those clothes I was hardly even wearing, emotionally I found it very hard to let go.
It took a lot of effort on my part to do so, and it was a very hard change to create in my mind, but I finally did it and gave them away. I felt so relieved and suddenly there was so much more room in my closet, it really felt good.

To this day, although I know it was the right thing to do, I find myself thinking of those clothes every now and again, thinking I could have put that shirt on now if I had it...
If any of you people out there can relate it would be good to know...

When I look at my mum's wardrobe and see some dresses there that I remember she used to wear when I was still a little girl, and I haven't seen her wearing them in years, I think I understand where my own story started...

Am I right?

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Mar 22, 2011
by: Helen

I can relate to the accumulation of clothes. A number of years ago I decided that at the change of season from summer to winter, that anything I had not worn for the last 12 months was to go into the recycling bag.
I find that my tastes do change and I love new season fashions (as long the style and colour suit me). What I also find is that my body changes shape - and what may fit nicely one season looks gross the next!!!
My mother had an explanation for her refreshing wardrobe - fashions change because our shape change...
My husband is reluctant to let anything go unless it is absolutely worn out. Sometimes I wonder why I iron his shirts because when I hang them up, they get crushed against the others on his loaded rails :-)

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